My Point of View:

As a photographer of eight years now, there’s nothing more exciting than shooting an individual portrait. I am able to work with textures, tones, colorations, and props. My clients are my entire foundation. I have been published multiple times and continue to learn and teach myself new techniques and tricks to ensure your memories are captured just how you imagined them. My mission as your photographer is to provide you with outstanding images that you are able to cherish throughout your life.

My name is Bre, let's get to know one another! I come from a small town in Southeast Georgia. My childhood was filled with mud, love and family. When I was 10, my family packed us up and moved my brothers and I to the Pacific Northwest. What a drastic change… I didn’t realize at the time, but this was a blessing for me. I was opened to so many opportunities, people and creativity. Washington State just had something that I was immediately drawn to. Mountains maybe? Crisp air? Clean lakes? As soon as I turned 16, I took it upon myself to explore as far and wide as I could (with whatever babysitting money I had for gas and food). This is where my love for photography ultimately took off; I was no longer limited. I’d get a group of friends together and we would take the weekend to travel hours away, simply enjoying our lives and capturing moments. Because of my love for nature, all of my sessions take place outdoors with your choice of scenery!

Growing up with only boys makes me extremely tolerant to sarcasm and a certain breed of humor. This will absolutely show throughout our time working together and, hopefully you find our shoot easy-going because of this! I have a few hobbies; including an appreciation for cars, plants and traveling (something I wish I could do more often). I have three fur babies; one is an American Eskimo named “Malaki’, the second is a Tortoiseshell cat named “Pumpkin” (she is a polydactyl) and the third is my old girl Belly (she's a chunk), a German Shepard. I enjoy spending my free time doing anything other than sitting around. “Carpe Diem” pretty much describes me on my days off. If you’re looking for a fun, relaxed experience, I’m your girl!

 • Bre